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Did you know:

Prior to the mid-nineteenth century, mint hay was boiled in water over a large fire. The peppermint or spearmint oil floated to the top and was skimmed off by hand.

By 1846, mint growers in New York and Michigan developed the "steam distillery."

Mint hay was once pitchforked into eight feet high stationary tubs and then stomped down to avoid the channelization of steam.




Richard F. Stroud, the manager of the A. M. Todd plantation at Mentha, Michigan, invented the first portable mint stilling tubs in America.






By 1950s mint farmers were using "choppers" to blow mint hay into tanks on the back of trucks.





With the widespread use of portable units, the old stationary round tubs units have become archaic relics; only a few still remain standing today.

That the mint industry is "a heritage worth recognizing"!

Illustration of mint being stomped courtesy A. M. Todd
Illustration of Richard F. Stroud courtesy Richard F. Stroud family

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