For "The Historic J. E. Crosby Mint Still"

"Everyone who enjoys mint-flavored products must see this informative and delightful video."

Rocky Lundy, Executive Director
Mint Industry Research Council

"All of the Funke families have enjoyed your excellent
video . . . Our many thanks to you and Donna for
making this edition possible."

Mrs. Morris (Betty) Funke
Coburg, Oregon

"I enjoyed your video. Those in the mint industry are a special breed. But it is sad how the average American farmer is losing. We still take what someone will give us. You can't last forever that way. Costs (gas, fertilizer, equipment, repairs, labor, etc.) keep increasing but we can't add it on like most companies . . . Also imports are increasing . . . We must remind ourselves it is a world market."

James A. Clindaniel, retired mint grower
Bremen, Indiana

"The video is outstanding! I've played it over and over and still find new information. It's terrific to see the Mint Still, and its history. Great to see and hear the current mint industry people/companies and location. Certainly an excellent video to lead into "American Mint!"

Richard Kelley, Historian and Collector of Bottles from the H. G. Hotchkiss Essential Oil Company of Phelps and Lyons, New York

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Historical illustrations courtesy Wm. Leman Company and A. M. Todd Company

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